Wife : " I wish you'd bring home pineapple , John. Mother is coming

today , and you know she'd give half her life for a good pineapple 

John : " Really? Then I'll bring two

خنده                                  خنده                                               خنده

Jackie : " Oh , mother ! Just look at that man ! He hasn't a hair on

his head


Mother : " Hush , dear , he will hear you

Jackie : " Oh ' doesn't he know it

خنده                                     خنده                                           خنده

" The teacher is mad . Yesterday he told us that four and one

makes five , but today he told us that it was three and two



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سلام خسته نباشید. اینجانب از طرف آقای احمدوندی هم سلام می رسانم چون خودش بلد نیست !!!!!!!!!!!! وبلاگ خیلی خوبی داری موفق باشید.